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Welcome to Sinister Revine
At first glance, this quant town seems nothing more than a quiet, dull location to settle; however, dig deeper into its mysterious forests, desolate streets, and dark houses and you will find yourself speculating the reality of your newly situated home. What really is Sinister Revine? Doesn't the name explain enough? It is indeed the home to countless numbers of supernatural species. Demons, Hybrids, Psychics, Skin Walkers, Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches.... Be careful. They're always watching.


Sinister Revine is a brand new, literate supernatural roleplaying blog looking for one to two more people interested in helping out with its management and future opening.

If you are interested, please submit the following form with its appropriate answers:

1. What is your name?

2. How active can you be with the helping out of this roleplaying blog? (1-10)

3. What is your timezone?

4. Do you have any experience with roleplaying? Have you ever managed your own roleplaying blog?

5. What is your personal tumblr? (One we are able to contact you on).

6. Would you be interested in playing a character in this RP, or would you only like to be a mod?

7. If interested in playing a character, please tell us the name of that character. Which other characters in the RP could you possibly see your character in a relationship with? (Your character ships).

8. Now, follow the same instructions as #7 at the top, and write an in-character, 3rd person sample of AT LEAST 2 paragraphs (8+ sentences each) refining your writing skills as your desired character. **for this part of your submission, please send us a message with the names of characters you may be interested in playing, and we will let you know their possibly back stories/personality traits.

9. Please complete your submission with one short point as to why you would be a good addition to this roleplaying blog as a mod (come on, don’t be modest!)

If you have any additional questions — whether it be about the rpg’s plot, characters, etc. — please do not hesitate to ask! We have got all the answers for you!

We look forward to meeting our future mods and getting the rpg up and running!

Not interested in becoming a mod? Check out a sneak peak of our future character list, and do not hesistate to follow the blog to keep you updated with bio postings! Feel free to send us your FC suggestions as well! RP OPENS DECEMBER 7TH

Character Sneak Peaks || Species List || Questions? || Apply as a Mod Now

The Leather Pack.

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Yeah, I could get used to this.


…but I would rather have lived my life than yours, Nik. No one will ever sit around a table telling stories about a man who couldn’t love.

Can you fight?

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